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Teddy Pillows

Transform the way you and your children sleep with dream-inducing pillows from teddy bed. Natural latex, soft down and our new adjustable pillow will provide the foundation for a healthy night’s sleep, night after night. Put your head down on luxurious, sustainable comfort and benefit from ergonomically designed support only from teddy bed.

Kids Pillows

Transform restless nights into a good night’s sleep with the teddy junior pillow, ergonomically designed for kids. Help your child snuggle down for a nap or bedtime with our purpose-sized pillow made to suit the smaller frame of children for increased comfort and postural support. The teddy junior pillow conforms to the shape of your child’s head and neck with a premium memory foam filling.

Adult Pillows

Sleep is a personal thing. We all sleep differently, whether it’s on our front, sides or back. The teddy Natural Latex Pillow has pressure point relieving qualities and offers the aligned support your body deserves. The teddy ONE Pillow features six luxurious layers of Soft Down Alternative, allowing you to stack as many as you prefer for your desired height. When it comes to pillows, teddy bed has the answer.