7 signs it’s time for a new mattress

7 signs it’s time for a new mattress - teddybed

If there’s one important investment you make in life, it’s a good bed. After all, we spend nearly half our lifetime in bed, and we all know the difference that a good night’s sleep can make to how we feel the next day. Which is why it’s also a good idea to pay attention to how well your current mattress is doing. While a new bed isn’t a purchase you should have to make often if you choose quality, on average a good mattress should last you around eight years. That’s why we’re sharing 7 signs it’s time for a new mattress. 


Keeping tabs on the age of your mattress is one way to decide whether it’s time for a refresh, but your mattress will also start to show signs that it’s no longer doing the job it’s supposed to.


Here are 7 signs you should be looking out for on your mattress:


  1. You’re not getting a good night’s rest
    If you’re regularly tossing and turning all night, trying to get comfortable, it could be time to determine whether your mattress is still as supportive as it needs to be. Even though softer mattresses may feel more comfy, they are not necessarily going to help you sleep better. Over time, the quality of your mattress changes and won’t support your body the way it used to. (And whether we want to admit it or not, our bodies change too, and what was once the right level of comfort, may no longer be adequate).
  2. You’re rolling into the middle
    Visible sagging in the middle or at the corners of the mattress is a fair sign that it’s done its dash. If you’re starting to struggle to get out of bed in the morning, or if you’re starting to feel ‘roll together’ with your bed partner, then it’s likely the springs in your mattress have broken down, or the foam has degraded. Turning or flipping your mattress (depending on the type of mattress) is recommended every three to six months, which can help to slow this process.
  3. You’re noticing allergies
    No one likes to imagine what might be lurking within their mattress, but it’s a reality that it becomes home to dust mites, bacteria, mould, mildew and allergens. If you’re finding yourself increasingly waking up feeling stuffy or sneezing, then it could be a sign that these irritants have made themselves a home in your bed. Regular mattress cleaning is recommended, and when it comes time to choose a new mattress, consider hypoallergenic materials like wool or latex.
  4. You’re disturbing your partner
    We all move a little in our sleep, but if every bounce, ripple and roll is starting to disturb your own sleep, then that could be a sign for an upgrade. This is not just for people who share a bed either – even if you sleep alone, you could be feeling lots of movement every time you shift a little in your sleep. It’s not only disruptive to a healthy night’s sleep (and potentially a healthy relationship!), but it likely means that your body is no longer getting the support it needs, either.
  5. You’re waking up with aches
    A good mattress should support the curves of your body, particularly areas like your neck, lower back and hips – without creating any pressure points. Sleep should be a restorative time, so if you’re waking up with more aches and pains than you went to bed with, then it’s likely time for your aging mattress to go.
  6. You’re noticing lumps
    Sprung springs and degraded materials can start to result in obvious lumps and uneven surfaces. There are only so many uncomfortable night’s sleeps you can take before you’ll know it’s time for your mattress to be replaced! Plus, these lumps will start to cause pressure points and your mattress will no longer be supporting your body the way you need it to.
  7. Things have changed
    Of course, sometimes there are different reasons for needing a new bed – perhaps you have a new partner, need a bit more space, have lost or gained weight or sustained an injury. Our comfort requirements can also change over time. While you may enjoy a soft mattress to lay on, perhaps you’re seeking something a little firmer in its support.


Given the importance of a good night’s sleep, we know that choosing a new bed is a big decision. Which is why we offer a 120-night sleep trial, so that you can ensure that your teddy bed is the match that dreams are made of! Our mattresses are crafted using natural latex which is engineered to provide superior support for a restful night’s sleep, with choices of comfort level to suit you. Purchase online, and have your new bed delivered straight to your door.