How to Choose the Perfect Bed Base

An overlooked aspect of getting consistently good sleep is selecting the right bed base. Create a comfortable and supportive sleeping environment with a bed base designed to complement your mattress. The teddy iBase is made in New Zealand using high-quality raw materials, tool-free assembly in under 5 minutes, space-saving storage and a choice of colours. It features a sturdy frame construction, ensuring long-lasting stability and structural integrity. 

Benefits of a Quality Bed Base:

Weight Distribution: A quality bed base offers unparalleled mattress support to help distribute weight evenly, ensuring optimal postural alignment to alleviate back pain.

Improved Hygiene: A bed base keeps your mattress clean and hygienic. It minimises the risk of dust, dirt and pests accumulating beneath the mattress. Proper ventilation also prevents the growth of mould and mildew, contributing to a healthier sleeping environment.

Easy Assembly: The teddy iBase is designed for easy assembly, allowing you to set up your bed quickly and conveniently at home.

Choosing the Perfect Bed Base:

Size: Ensure the bed base is compatible with the size of your mattress. Teddy bed offers a range of sizes to accommodate different mattress dimensions from single to super king.

Style and Design: The teddy bed iBase is designed to seamlessly integrate with various bedroom styles. Consider the fabric colour and overall design to match your existing decor or create a new aesthetic.

Compatibility: It's important to ensure that the bed base is compatible with your mattress type. The teddy bed iBase is suitable for most mattress types, including pocket spring, memory foam and latex.

Storage Needs: If you require additional storage space, the iBase will keep your bedroom organised and clutter-free.

Experience the ultimate convenience and innovation with the teddy iBase. Designed for effortless relocation and manoeuvrability, the teddy iBase is your perfect companion during moves. No more struggling with complicated instructions or hunting for tools. Say goodbye to the frustrations of navigating tight spaces – the iBase's ingenious design allows for easy disassembly, enabling you to effortlessly carry it through narrow doorways, up and down stairs, and into your new home.

The teddy iBase is not just a bed frame; it's a smart storage solution. Make the most of the ample space beneath the iBase to declutter your bedroom and maximise storage opportunities. Store extra bedding, seasonal clothing or personal belongings with ease, utilising the iBase's practical and space-saving design. Enjoy the benefits of a tidy and organised sleeping space.

Choosing the perfect bed base is a big step in creating a cosy sleep environment. Get in touch with teddy bed now to find out more.