Unveiling the Science Behind teddy's Premium Mattress Materials

There is plenty of research, discussion and advice about what contributes to quality sleep. Everything from what to eat before bedtime to the ideal bedroom temperature. Something you may not have considered is how the materials in your mattress impact your sleep quality. Recent revelations have shed light on the potential health risks of low-quality mattresses, prompting a closer look at the science behind sleep comfort and support. 


A Wake-Up Call 

A recent Stuff article asked, "Is your mattress making you sick?". It highlighted the potential hazards of low-quality mattress materials and the importance of understanding the science behind what we sleep on. The article detailed the plight of an Auckland family who suffered skin irritations and respiratory issues believed to be caused by tiny glass particles from their foam mattresses. It also mentioned a US class-action lawsuit against a "bed-in-a-box" manufacturer being settled out of court, with other lawsuits ongoing.

At teddy, we recognise the critical role that mattress materials play in delivering a healthy sleep environment, and we're committed to using only the highest quality materials backed by scientific research.


Dual-Sided Washable Cover - Clean & Comfy

teddy's mattresses feature a dual-sided washable cover to keep your bed comfortable and hygienic. The innovative cover fabric is sourced from Belgium, a region renowned for its textile expertise.

On one side, the cover is engineered for a cool, breathable surface, perfect for warm sleepers or those who live in hotter climates. The fabric's composition allows for optimal airflow, helping to dissipate excess body heat and keep sleepers comfortable throughout the night.

The opposite side of the cover offers warmth and cosiness, ideal for cold sleepers or chilly nights. The fabric's plush texture and insulating properties provide a comforting cocoon, so you stay snug and cosy even during the coldest winter nights.

teddy's dual-sided design means our mattresses accommodate the varying preferences and needs of sleepers, ensuring everyone enjoys a restful, rejuvenating sleep.


KloudFlex™ Memory Foam: Tailored Sleep Support

Say goodnight and goodbye to restless nights with teddy's KloudFlex™ Memory Foam. Engineered to contour to your body's unique shape and provide personalised support, KloudFlex™ Memory Foam leads to deeper relaxation and alleviates pressure points. This advanced material doesn't just feel dreamy; it aligns with scientific principles of sleep ergonomics for a better night's sleep.


ZoneScape™ Support: Aligning Spinal Health with Scientific Precision

Proper spinal alignment is crucial for minimising aches and pains. teddy's ZoneScape™ technology targets specific areas of the body to provide tailored support where it's needed most, 

This advanced technology employs a sophisticated zoning system that strategically divides the mattress surface into distinct zones, each tailored to provide targeted support to different areas of the body.

Scientific research consistently emphasises the critical role of spinal alignment for restorative sleep and alleviating common sleep-related discomforts. By targeting specific areas such as the lumbar region, shoulders and hips, ZoneScape™ technology encourages natural spinal curvature, relieves pressure points and minimises strain on joints and muscles. This support also contributes to improved blood circulation, reduced tossing and turning and a deeper sleep.


High-Density Foam: Durability and Longevity for Lasting Comfort

Durability matters when choosing a mattress. teddy's high-density foam layers are made to withstand years of use without succumbing to sagging or losing their shape, so your mattress retains its supportive structure for years. The superior shape retention properties of high-density foam contribute to a consistently supportive sleep surface, promoting proper spinal alignment and alleviating pressure points. 

And of course, as with all teddy products, our foam doesn't contain nasties that could compromise your health. 


Micro-Coil Pocket Springs: Minimising Sleep Disturbance

Motion transfer (or poor motion isolation) can disrupt sleep and lead to grogginess and fatigue. Motion isolation refers to whether or not movement on one part of the mattress is felt elsewhere on the mattress. Clinical trials have determined that motion transfer across the surface of a mattress increases the potential for sleep disruption

That's why Teddy's mattresses are built with Micro-Coil Pocket Springs, which minimise motion transfer and provide responsive cushioning for a peaceful sleep experience. In addressing the issue of motion transfer, we ensure that our mattresses promote quality, undisturbed sleep.


NATURFLEX™ for Kids: Nurturing Healthy Sleep Habits Early

Little bodies need lots of sleep to grow and flourish. NATURFLEX™, teddy's signature mattress line, infused with sustainable Bamboo Charcoal, is specially crafted to nurture children's growing bodies. 

With Bamboo Charcoal known for its natural antibacterial properties and ability to absorb odours, NATURFLEX™ for Kids ensures a fresh and clean sleeping environment and aligns with teddy's commitment to sustainability. The tailored design of NATURFLEX™ emphasises the importance of proper support for children's developing bodies. With targeted support and pressure relief, this mattress promotes healthy spinal alignment and optimal sleep posture, crucial factors in supporting children's physical growth and well-being. 

By combining natural materials with innovative design, teddy helps your little one develop healthy sleep habits from a young age.

Scientific research strongly links quality sleep to the environment in which we sleep, so it makes sense that this environment be furnished with only premium materials. At teddy, we are proud to offer mattresses that are comfortable, healthy and sustainable. From dual-sided washable covers to KloudFlex™ Memory Foam, each feature is designed with sleep science in mind, delivering a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience for the whole family. With teddy, you can rest easy knowing that your sleep health is in good, safe hands.