Mattress Shopping Made Easy: A teddy Buying Guide for First-Time Buyers

Choosing the right mattress is an important decision, but making that decision doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s what to keep in mind if you are buying a mattress for the first time,

Understanding Your Needs

Your perfect mattress will help you sleep better, feel better and live better, and there are several factors to consider when deciding what is best for you.

Your Sleep Position

Be aware of how you sleep. A back sleeper might need the support of a firmer mattress. Sleeping on your side can mean extra pressure on your shoulders and hips so a softer mattress will be more cushioning and comfortable.

Your Body

Your height and body weight are important considerations when mattress shopping. Tall people certainly won’t enjoy their feet dangling over the end of the bed, and heavier bodies benefit from the support a firm mattress offers.

Your Health

Certain health conditions determine which mattresses are likely to help or harm you. If you are affected by back pain, neck pain or joint discomfort, seek your health professional’s recommendation for your best level of firmness.

Your Budget

Buying your first mattress may happen when you leave home or move to a new city or country, and chances are there are a lot of other expenses that go with these moves. Know your budget and buy the best quality mattress you can afford.  

Decoding Mattress Jargon 

From adjustable bases to zoned support, you can encounter a lot of jargon when you’re a first-time mattress buyer. Here are a few simple but important terms.

Mattress Type

The three most common mattress types are adjustable air, foam, and innerspring.

An adjustable air mattress lets you control firmness. Foam mattresses are made of foam layers and can be one or a combination of three types of foam. The coils in an innerspring mattress are topped with layers of padding or foam. For example, teddy’s idream mattress includes teddy’s NATURFLEX™ Bamboo Charcoal Memory foam and ZoneScape™ 5 Zone technology, together with a layer of Natural Latex, and SEAQUAL fabric, adding up to maximum comfort.

Pocket Spring 

A pocket-sprung mattress is made from individual pocket springs, each enclosed within its own fabric pocket. The springs function independently and respond solely to the pressure exerted on their individual areas, allowing for tailored support and comfort.


Density refers to a mattress’ mass per volume. The density of foam or latex may be measured in kilograms per cubic metre. Denser materials are typically firmer and more durable.

Size Matters

Knowing the correct size is an essential first step in choosing your new mattress. From kids’ mattresses to super king, the right size mattress will be based on your height, the number of sleepers and your room’s dimensions.  

Don’t Lose Sleep - Remember These Shopping Tips

There is a lot to consider when buying a mattress for the first time, but keep these factors in mind when mattress shopping to help you sleep easier.


What sort of warranty does your new mattress come with? What does the warranty cover and how long does it cover it for? These are important questions to ask your mattress seller.


Understanding the store policy on returning a mattress is vital. Be sure to discuss the terms before you buy fully.

Sleep Trial

A sleep trial is perfect for peace of mind when buying your first mattress. teddy offers a 120 night sleep trial for the idream and idream hybrid mattresses. That’s 120 nights to be certain you’ve made the right choice.

Your first mattress is a pivotal investment for quality rest. teddy offers an exclusive range of premium yet affordable mattresses, ensuring your first night's sleep is nothing short of extraordinary. Choose comfort, choose teddy – your ideal mattress is just a click away. Transform your sleep experience with teddy, because your first mattress matters!