The Perfect Pillow Pairing: Introducing teddy's Adjustable Pillow with Stackable Comfort

The Perfect Pillow - Adjusted Just for You

There are plenty of pillows on the market, each claiming to be the right choice for a good night’s sleep. But what if there were a pillow that could be adjusted so it is perfect for you? A pillow with layers you can customise to your ideal height and firmness?

teddy wants you to meet your new best friend in bed - the Stack’n’Sleep pillow

Customised Comfort Layers

We are all unique, with different body types, different lifestyles, and different health needs. It makes sense that our pillow should be unique, too. Unlike most pillows, teddy’s adjustable pillow has customisable layers. Six luxurious layers of soft down alternative. Sleep on one layer or stack all six, depending on your preferred pillow height and firmness level.

Supportive Sleep Solutions

An adjustable pillow not only cradles your head and neck in plush comfort but also provides essential support. It can be adapted to suit various sleep positions, promoting spinal alignment for a restful and healthy sleep experience. An adjustable pillow can also help alleviate neck and back pain, by helping you achieve the ideal sleep posture.

Quality Craftsmanship

teddy is committed to quality craftsmanship in the design and construction of every product we sell. Crafted from high-quality soft down alternative, our adjustable pillow promises durability and long-lasting comfort. The pillowcase is made from 300 thread count 100% cotton, a natural fibre that is breathable and cool for a comfortable sleep.

Pillow Perfect: Tips for Choosing and Adapting Your Adjustable Pillow

The beauty of an adjustable pillow is that it is completely…. adjustable. You select the right combination of layers, adjusting the pillow for optimal comfort.  

If you sleep on your back, your pillow should support the natural curvature of the spine, which is best achieved with a low pillow. Two or three layers are probably ideal. If you are a side sleeper, you will likely benefit from a medium-height pillow to adequately support your head and neck. Three to four layers should suffice. But this is your pillow, so feel free to deploy all six layers if that gets you through the night.

Whatever your preferred pillow profile, the 100% Cotton pillowcase has a zippered design on three sides, making it easy to adjust the inner layers as needed.

One pillow, endless possibilities for the perfect night’s sleep. Find out more about sleeping easier with an adjustable pillow at teddy.